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Custom Design Services

Spaces designed specifiucally for children are special. They express pedagogical and educational choices that are created and  and re-established. A correctly designed environment communicates meanings, suggests behaviours, and transmits messages to children, teachers, and parents as well as all those with a deeper understanding of how an environment functions.  An environment that is deisnged correctly and has a correct plan of how furniture is distributed and arranged, allows classroom leaders to observe, and understand child behavior and learning.


An environment designed by Gonzagarredi allows children passage into a place designed just for them. One that is warm, friendly, aesthetically beautiful and harmonious and promotes exploration and learning.

Gonzagarredi furniture uses natural wood and desaturated colors intentionally. Furniture form and color should not be intrucive and should not hinder a child's perceptive or their learning experiences. Color in particular is a delicate concept that is often ignored by many furniture manufacturers. It should never intrude into the child’s perceptive experience. They should do nothing to detract from the colors used for teaching purposes in the Montessori classroom. Gonzagarredi furniture actually allows the guides and classroom leaders to “personalize” the environment in such a way that the furniture colors highlight the activities in which the children take part as they learn, explore, understand, and apply.

How our custom design services work

Our custom design work is free and it involves a deep colaboration between you and your environment, The Montessori Classroom, and the actual designers, and furniture architects at the  Gonzagarredi factory in Italy.


To take advantage of this service simply send us the following information: 


     - A rough plan of your space with actuall dimensions

     - The number of children you plan on accomodating

     - A few pictures of your environment in its current state so that we may evaluate light, color and accessibility


Once you have the information please forward them to sales@themontessoriclassroom.com. We will evaluate the information and begin the collaborative work with the designers in Italy. The designers will then forward their work to the furniture architects who will in turn provide you with a 2D or 3D plan of the optimal furniture as recommended along with a price list. Customization of course is the key here and we will work with you in order to customize the recommended or proposed plan so that it fits your budget and needs.