More than a hundred years have passed since the creation of the first Montessori materials. Yet, the same principles still guide GAM in the production and development of new products. The goal is to offer children quality furnishings and materials, consistent with Maria Montessori's guidelines. At The Montessori Classroom we are proud to be chosen as the representatives of Gonzagarredi Montessori (GAM) materials in the US and Canada. As an ETC Montessori company, our commitment is to excellence, while providing services, curricula, and materials that benefit the Montessori community at large. 

Maria Montessori's interest in space and furnishings dates back to 1907. At that time she began her work, at via dei Marsi 58 in Rome,  developing educational experiences for children ages two and a half through six. Based on her observations she became aware that the classroom environment of that time needed to be changed. In her earlier writings - The Method of Scientific Pedagogy - of 1909, one can find drawings and plans of some of the first tables she proposed. The foundations of the prepared environment is clearly exhibited in this furniture.

Gonzagarredi materials are so closely connected to Maria Montessori that they represent the very idea and essence of authentic Montessori materials. Not only were these pedagogical instruments the very first materials designed by Maria, but the actual process of creating them was one of the very first collaboration initiated between her and the then known company of Ernesto Bassoli and Sons. Today, GAM is one of the four companies worldwide whose materials are approved by the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) founded by her in the Netherlands.