Place Setting Activities

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Moving the children from the concrete operation of setting up a placemat to the abstract level, may be accomplished with this work. The set contains a labeled control, an unlabeled control, a mute placemat and all the movable pieces that have been die cut so that the child can recreate the setting. 

Following the introduction of how to set a placemat, children are then given the same concept but with pictures. This is the preliminary work aimed at helping children understand that concrete objects, such as napkins, plates, forks, spoons etc, may be represented with pictures, and ultimately with letters that form words. Labels with the names of each item are also included. 

All movable pieces are cut and ready to be placed on the shelf.

Printed on thick plastic, cut and all the corners are rounded.

Card Size(s):

Labeled Control  8½ x 11 in.  21.6 x 28 cm.
Unlabeled Control  8½ x 11 in.  21.6 x 28 cm.