Teaching Measurement in Early Childhood

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Teaching Measurement in the Early Childhood level is a detailed approach on how to bring the understanding of length, weight, volume and temperature to the 3-6 level. This area of the curriculum is a natural extension of both the Practical Life and the Sensorial areas. Practical life gives the sensorial experience of capacity, while sensorial will offer practice in length, temperature, and weight. It is important that the children have real experiences with the tools used in measurement.

A detailed list of the lessons and presentations will show how to implement both sensorial and practical life experiences.
  •  Measurement - Direct Comparison - Sensorial 

  •  Measurement - Length

  •  Measurement - Indirect Comparison - Sensorial

  •  Measurement - Using Tools

  •  Measurement Direct Comparison - Weight

  •  Measurement Indirect Comparison - Weight 

  •  Measurement Using a Tool - Weight

  •  Measurement - Direct Comparison - Volume 

  • Measurement - Volume - Tools Introduction 
  •  Measurement - Volume - Tools 1

  •  Measurement - Volume - Tools 2

Supports the following items, as well as the general standards for the concept of measurement.

  • Scientific Pour Activity (EC-0102)
  • Graduated Pour Activity (EC-0103)
  • Test Tube Transfer Activity (EC-0104)